Fallas Committees

The Fallas Festival will start in

These are groups in charge of organising and setting up the Fallas Fiesta. They take their names from the intersection of streets or squares where they set up their Fallas monument.

The Committee's members pay a monthly fee that entitles them to take part in countless activities, competitions, celebrations and events throughout the whole year.
In general, a Committee's organisational structure is simple: it is headed by an elected chairman, who is ultimately responsible for the group's actions. The chairman appoints a board made up of vice-presidents, a secretary, an accountant and a treasurer, plus a series of delegates who share responsibility for the different areas of work.
Additionally, every year, each Committee appoints its top representative for the Fallas Fiesta: its own "Fallera Mayor". The other women in the group make up the Court of Honour that accompanies her in the Fallas week's events.
Likewise, each Committee has a Children's Section, just like the adults' one and which is also represented by its own "Fallera Mayor Infantil".

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