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At this museum, all the different aspects that make up the histroy of Fallas since its origins are brought together, together with posters, pictures from the “Falleras Mayores” (Fallas Queens) and “ninots indultats” (pardoned figures) from the year 1934.
If you want to check what is waiting for you at this Museum, be invited to do this virtual visit.

Plaza de Monteolivete, 4

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The Artisan Guild of Fallas Artists was founded in the 40s; one of the first ideas from them was to build a place where the artists could work. On 17th March 1967 they started to build the first 50 workshops. One of the most interesting places to visit to get a better idea of these artists' work is, without a doubt, the "Ciudad del Artista Fallero". This comprises the largest number of huge workshops where the Fallas monuments are constructed. The whole year round, it sees a frenzy of ongoing work and it is common to find dozens of curious onlookers, interested in seeing for themselves how a Falla is made.

Ninot Street


Everything related to the creation and production process is on display: sketches, figures, ninots and models of the fallas. In addition to falla mementos (photos, mlds etc), fallas poetry as well as other sculpture and painting works created by the Fallas artists with different themes than the Fallas.

Av. San José Artesano 17 (Ciudad del Artista Fallero)

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Do not miss our special guided visits to know all the main locations from the Fallas, like the City Council or the Virgin Squares. Discover the traditional dressings and its relationship with the Silk and everything related to the Fallas production. Have a selfie at the balcony from the City Council where the “Fallera Mayor” announces the “mascletás” everyday 1st to 19th March with the sentence “Senyor pirotècnic pot comerçar la mascletá”.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 2

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