The Fallas Festival will start in

The “Cremà”

In contrast to the “Plantà”, which marks the proper start of the Fallas Festival in the street, the “Cremà” marks its finish.
It is probably the most popular event internationally and the one that gives the concept of “Fallas Fiesta” its full meaning: the monuments are exhibited in the street to be burnt. That is their fate and, at the same time, their grandeur.
In the small hours between the 19th and 20th of March, enormous pyres burn around the whole city. The splendid monuments, which a few hours before stood proudly in the streets and squares, are reduced to ashes amidst the clamour of hundreds of people who attend the ritual every year.

Symbolically, the “Falleros” throw everything that is considered to be superfluous, harmful or simply unusable onto the bonfire and, by doing so, aim to make a new start and regenerate the spirit. This objective has always been the basis of this kind of pagan rite, since ancient times.

The real purpose of the “Cremà”, though, is simply to make a spectacular display, to keep the tradition and to be able to start out on a new Fallas Year, which always aspires to be better than the last.

The Fire Parade

A tremendous celebration of fire, the spectacular Cabalgata del Fuego (Fire Parade) takes to the streets of Valencia in the evening of 19th March.
Fire is the fiesta’s symbolic spirit and the Fallas final destination.

So this parade is an exhibition of the varied rites and displays from around the world which, use fire as a basic feature.
This is a colourful, noisy event, with floats, giant mechanisms, people in costumes, rockets, gunpowder, street performances, music… All at nightfall, as the time approaches for the “Ninots” (sculptures) to be consumed by flames.

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